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How to Fight Back Against Beetles

How to Fight Back Against Beetles

Posted May 01, 2024

A Battle Against Beetles

I bet you thought Japanese bugs were only a disturbance? Well, it turns out they are not. This summer, these little creatures could pose significant health and property risks! Powder post beetle females consume plant roots, while males may lay eggs on walls or windowsills. If your home has a garden, these pests may be problematic for all residents. Merchant grain beetles or primarily feed on seeds, but also utilizes birdseed.

Beetles are rarely thought of as a hazard to one's health or property. However, beetles such as the powder post and merchant grain can do damage inside homes--and if they get into your meals, you'll have a much worse day! To prevent these annoying insects out of our homes, we should take preventive action now so that when summer returns this year, we don't have to deal with indoor bugs popping up at hours around dinnertime. I am delighted NPMA informed me about how easy it will be for home owners to avoid having unwelcome guests into their house by rectifying minor things at first before anything else becomes relevant."

What's the significance of that? You can't see them, but they're working away at home. Silent and sneaky, like a spy who needs to avoid being caught! Nobody knows how many powder post beetles exist because their destructive behavior is so uncommon - only second to termites when it comes to damaging wood in homes across America (and beyond)! The larvae may have been named after the white dust they leave following while tunneling through surfaces.

Don't worry; we'll let you know what else happened sooner rather than later.
Merchant wheat beetles are brown, flat, and able to fly. These pests like fat-based goods to dwell in, such as chocolate cake mixes or cereal; they will even infest dried pet food if it lacks an airtight sealer ring around its openings (which is unlikely). You might find them living below stored goods in your home--their favorite spot!

Infection Prevention:
Inspect your new products as quickly as possible after purchase, looking for any evidence of tampering or infestation. Seal all delicate goods in plastic buckets when not in use so that you can readily recognize if one has been contaminated before it causes severe difficulties with keeping it warm (a fridge is ideal). If beetle larvae are present, do not utilize those parts; instead, look for something wholly made of wood, such as cabinets, which will still provide enough shelf life although being more susceptible than other opportunities.

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