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Eight Secret’s You Hardly Known Regarding Mice

Eight Secret’s You Hardly Known Regarding Mice

Posted April 30, 2024

8 Facts About Mice You Need to Know

House mice are common! This little bug has been indicated to infest homes across America. They're so common, you might suppose there's nothing new to discover about them - but don't get relaxed just yet, because we have some exciting news for all animal lovers out there. House mice are susceptible to diseases such as plague, which can be transmitted through fleas or direct contact with infected saliva during bites. Making an effort to remove these furry friends without knowing what disease is present can lead to unpredictability and confusion about the effectiveness of the treatment.

Here are 8 Fascinating Facts you need to know:

1. If you have a mouse infestation, don't worry; you're not alone.
Mice usually invade our homes between October and February hunting for food. If you own a winter house or company, you must take care to keep these nasty creatures from causing any harm! Many individuals battle with mouse issues; just know that Spire Pest of Richmond is here to help; you are not alone.

2. Mice have large palettes.
Although mice are smaller than most other animals, they nevertheless feed 15-20 times every day. They prefer to make their homes near food sources, and as a result of their persistent demand for nourishment, they are known as "fat" or furry little guys!

3. They are small gymnastic.
Mice are agile climbers and movers who can easily scale tall walls. They're also good swimmers, which helps them develop plumbing systems with ease! To keep these pesky pests out of your kitchen pantry foods, store all items in hard plastic containers with tightly sealed lids; avoid placing food near water sources (mice love wet stuff); bait stations also work well, but must be used correctly - read instructions carefully before applying.

4. They're little Evader.
The little mouse can fit through most tiny gaps and crevices, but they are not welcome in your home! Seal any outside openings with silicone caulk produced specifically for this purpose; it will keep those bothersome critters out. You may also wish to plug any gaps inside to ensure the bacteria (and their germs) have no place to hide.

5. They live rather short lives.
Mice are abundant in the wild and have a lifespan of about five months. However, if they are kept indoors and cared for properly, their life span can be prolonged by up to two years! 
Humans have bred mice over time, allowing some to survive where there was once only prey. Certain types of mouse populations thrive on particular diets, but others might die out without notice.

6. They transmit a greater number of germs than you imagine.
The number of diseases that mice may carry is wider than you believe! 
Mice can transmit several human diseases, including those that cause Hantavirus and Salmonella. But there's more: because they're so small and move so swiftly, the little animals also transmit 200 different illnesses, such as the plague or yellow fever virus, without requiring our knowledge.

7.  Mice aren't toilet conditioned.
House mice are the leading cause of house mouse infestations, producing between 40 and 100 droppings every day. In addition to continually releasing (and urinating) micro-droplets everywhere, these bugs leave larger traces such as urine odor’s or, worse, vomiting! 
Mice aren't renowned for being adorable so if you want your house free of these annoying little animals, make sure all food sources are closed off before dealing with any form of rodent problem in the very beginning by calling Spire Pest of Richmond VA (888) 316-3615.

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