To keep pests out, perform yearly wear-and-tear maintenance. Winter weather can cause some major repairs for your home’s exterior; changes in temperature and heavy storms make it easy pickings if you do not take care of small issues before they become big problems later down the road! The new weaknesses created by these conditions are just what pesky creatures look forward too – don’t let them get inside where there’s food (your house) or shelter–they’ll only bring more trouble than necessary onto yourself
The cold months provide an opportunity to fix many common ailments such as loose siding that allows water seepage through its cracks.

Spring cleaning is more than just washing your curtains. This time of year, it’s also important to check over any decorations you brought in from the holidays for stowaways—especially near windows! Make sure no pests made their way inside by examining basements and attics as well; be thorough with this process because we know how sneaky those Silverfish can be…
Mice may look cute but they’ve got big teeth.

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