Termite Control & Treatment

So you might be asking yourself: “What is Termite Control and Treatment?” Termite Control and Termite Treatment are steps and procedures used to eliminate termites within your home. Without addressing your termite problem you could face major structure and infestation problems further down the road.

Termiticide is a chemical termiticide used for controlling termites. Some common examples are Taurus SC Termiticide , DeltaDust Insecticide Termiticide , Bora-Care with Mold-Care . Termite control is the procedure of eliminating subterranean termites from structures or preventing them from infesting new structures. The goal of treatment is to eliminate existing colonies in order to prevent damage to building structures that can result in major if left untreated.

The process often involves finding out where the colony(s) are located–this is the most important part. Professionals at Spire Pest of Richmond are here to help. Termite colonies may be in the soil or in wood. Termite control can also involve protecting vulnerable wooden structures from further termite attacks through physical barriers, chemical barriers, making sure the moisture content in locations which are prone to infestation is correct etc.

Termiticides are primarily used for this purpose but heat treatments and heat bombs are becoming more popular due to their efficiency and effectiveness. Termite control also includes how to kill a termite mound , how to get rid of termites , what kills termites and how to get rid of carpenter ants. With Termite Control, you want to eliminate them completely because if there is even one still alive, they will keep coming back until the entire Termite colony is dead.

Sometimes Termite Treatments are called Termite Inspections because it’s important to inspect the Termite Treatment area for any possible holes, cracks or even Termite trails around exterior openings. Termite inspections should be done by professionals who know what they are looking for a specialize in termite treatments. Spire Pest Control of Richmond is here to help schedule a inspection today at (804)396-2704.

Termite Treatments vary depending on the Termite type. Termite control and Termite Treatment cost is not cheap but Termite Control and Treatment does need to be done frequently to make sure Termite colonies get eliminated quickly. Before any major structure damage occurs.

The most important thing you can do when getting Termite Control is find out where they are coming from! If you don’t get rid of the colony, they will keep multiplying and eventually come back with a vengeance. For more information visit us at https://Spire Pest.com or call (804)396-2704 to contact a Termite Control professional.