Spring is just around the corner! This means that when you open up your windows for air conditioning, there will be more pests coming in. With all these new smells and sounds to explore; it might make sense why some creatures would want a taste of what’s available too soon after winter ends. To prevent an unwanted influx during this time period:

1) Make sure screens on doors/openings are intact so insects can’t get inside as easily by way of any small crevices with duct tape or other sealants if necessary.

Pests are often more active in the warmer months, which means they’re harder to deal with. Termites start swarming and rats begin their mating cycles–both of these can be pesky problems! Plus after winter thaw comes mosquitos ready for blood-tingling adventures outside again…

A rise through temperature also leads plenty else going on around here: ants searching desperately through dirt looking at all those tasty bugs; spiders emerging from hiding under stones or inside boxes and so much more.

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