Snake Removal

Hey everyone! Snake removal is something that I’m sure many people are not aware of the dangers involved. This will be a short guide to help you understand how to get rid of those pesky dangerous beasts.

Okay, so first off you’re going to want to call an expert at Spire Pest Control of Richmond Va (804)396-2704. Now don’t just randomly go out and buy some rat poison or whatever else. You’ll put your family’s lives in danger by doing that kind of thing. Snake removal experts know how take care of these invasive species without killing them. Just follow these simple steps and you’ll never run into problems with snakes again!

Make sure all holes around your house are closed up so no worms can gain access to within your home.

Make sure that all holes around your house are closed up so no worms gain access to within your home. Using some spray foam can seal some of these hole around your home preventing access to snakes.

Next, you’re going to want to go out and buy a bag of cat food. Most snakes love the taste of fish and chicken flavored cat food! Just leave a small trail from an entry way into your house or basement, whatever they might be using at the time. It’s important you do not try to trap them inside the house because this could result in personal injury for yourself or even others in your family. Snake removal experts know how to trap them without hurting anyone so just leave it up to them!

When leaving trails of cat food outside make sure do not bring any along with you inside.

And finally, always remember to never try to capture a snake by yourself! Leave it to the experts and you’ll be just fine. As many of these snakes can be venomous and cause you serious injury if bitten. Thanks for reading!

Spire Pest Control provides Snake Removal services in Richmond VA. Our certified professionals will identify the type of snake, remove it from your property and release it back into the wild unharmed. For more information, please call us at (804)396-2704 for any questions or concerns. We’re here to help!