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Rat Infestation is a serious and challenging health and psychological problem. Rat infestations can occur anywhere: in homes, restaurants, work areas, cars and even hospitals. Rat infestations pose a serious threat to human health – they carry many diseases such as Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS), Rat Bite Fever (RBF), Leptospirosis, Salmonellosis and other dangerous bacteria/viruses. People who get bitten by these rodents often become ill because of the bacteria that seeps into their mouths or wounds during the rat bite.

Rat bites themselves may cause abscesses, infection and swelling; usually within 4-5 days after a rat bit someone it will result in symptoms like fever, chills, headache, general feeling of being unwell. Rat infestations may also result in Rat Bite Fever which can be deadly if not treated immediately, this is often caused by the Rat Flea that has infected the Rat’s system with bacteria. The best way to protect yourself or loved ones from rat fleas, or any other disease-bearing pests/animals is Contact Spire Pest Control Virginia Beach ASAP we  are able to remove these rodents for you quickly and efficiently.

There are several different species of Rat Infestation Rodent Control throughout the world including Brown Rats Rat Infestation , Black Rats Rodent Removal , Roof Rats Rat Control & Squirrel Removal . If an individual finds them self dealing with a rodent issue on their own they should first contact Spire Pest Control @ 757-276-1887.

People often become very frustrated when they try to handle a rat problem on their own, many give up too soon and do not realize that The Best Way To Get Rid Of Rats is by installing an effective rodent control system including traps/bait stations all inside & outside of your home that will end the Rat Infestation for good Call Spire Pest Control Of Virginia Beach Today.

Rat Control

Rat Control Virginia Beach

Rat control is an important aspect in keeping your home pest free. Rat problems are becoming more common, particularly in Virginia Beach Va.

Not only will you have to deal with pest droppings and possible rodent bites, but rat infestations can cause additional health problems like leptospirosis (Weil’s disease). Rat damage to structures can be costly too; rodents will chew through building materials like insulation, water lines, cables; if they get into the walls they can gnaw on structural beams and electrical wiring.


Rats are attracted to enclosed spaces because it protects them from predators like cats and raccoons. Rat control methods should target any potential entry points around your property. Along buildings, gaps under doors should be caulked to prevent rodent entry. Rat control should be conducted in winter and early spring when rats are most active and seek shelter.


To find every possible entry point that the rats may use, you should walk around your property with a flashlight at night (to see if they run away from light source). Rats will leave evidence of their presence; look for rat droppings and chew marks on food or anything made of wood. You can also follow them back to where they came from, like garbage cans or dumpsters where they store food.

Rat control ideas include:

– Covering openings with hardware cloth (see image below) – Rats cannot chew through this material; make sure it is buried around 12 inches deep so rodents cannot burrow under.

– Rat traps can be used on rats that are already inside your home. Snap traps and glue traps are cheap and readily available; although traps can kill many rats, some will escape. Rat poisons work by causing internal bleeding and organ rupture but they require time to poison the rat (days or weeks). Rat control with poisons is difficult because you must get all of the affected rat(s) inside your home; another option is to put out poison bait boxes outside around your house.

– Repellents like Rat Away may also help repel rodents from entry points like doors, vents or other openings. More importantly, repellents prevent new rodents from coming in after an infestation has been eliminated. Some repellents contain castor oil which has a strong smell rats don’t like while others use chemical odors.

* Rat control may not be effective if there is another nearby infestation, Please Contact Spire Pest Control For Your rat extermination. Spire Pest Virginia Beach Va uses poison and traps to kill hundreds of rats in just a few days, and we come back to check the trap until all the rats have been eliminated.