Pesky Raccoons

Raccoons average 25-30 lbs. and can easily gain access to your home if they’re motivated. They can push through roof soffit intersections, enter through roof vents, damaged roof edges, and chimneys. Once inside, the large animals can easily trample and compress insulation. They also relocate it to make nests. Raccoons also damage electrical and ventilation systems, which can lead to water damage and even fire.Before the Pest Removal of raccoons, it is important to understand how these wild creatures came about in the first place. One of the most common myths around removal of Raccoons is that they are an invasive species brought over by Pest Control companies years ago. This isn’t true at all.

Raccoons are one of North America’s most intelligent pests animals. While Pest Removal of Raccoons may not be as commonly known as Pest Removal of squirrels or of opossums, they can still be a big pest problem in areas where things aren’t being handled correctly. Raccoons are one Pest Control animal that Pest control companies can’t afford to mess with.

There are many ways Pest Removal of Raccoons end up Pest-ridden at our homes, but they mostly come through via entry points around the roof line or vents into attics. Spire Pest professionals usually search entry points to homes that homeowners are not aware of.

Raccoon Pest control involves trapping, which is relatively easy if the technician does it correctly. Keep in mind that raccoon can reek havoc on your home bringing lice, ticks, fleas as well as their feces can have round worms and other parasites dangerous to humans. It is best to deal with the problem as soon as possible.

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