Keeping your Kitchen Pest Free

Kitchens have always been a place of gathering. This is where we cook and eat our food – but not if pesky pests get their grubby paws on it! Rodents like cockroaches or fruit flies may crawl in through doors BEHIND YOU, giving you no warning before they start making meals out of your favorite ingredients… while others might be more subtle such as mouse sneaks into cabinets looking for stored treats (they don’t taste very good). And then there’s the pantry, a food wonderland for many pest. Not to worry as we can give you some tips on what to do to stop pests for gaining entry and what you can do in the pantry to prevent them from contaminating your food.

The National Pest Management Association is warning homeowners to be aware this season as pests come looking for food and shelter. They often enter houses through open doors, windows or cracks in order find places where they can hide during the winter months when humans are preoccupied with preparing dinner parties instead of getting rid them
The input was about how many people forget their pest problems until it’s too late.


Cockroaches are gross. They spread bacteria, worms and other pathogens that can cause disease to humans including E coli or salmonella! Plus their droppings contain allergen proteins known increasing asthma severity in some people which is why I don’t want them anywhere near me (or my family).


When winter rolls around, it’s not just the cold that gets us thinking about bundling up and hunkering down indoors. We also have to worry about mouse infestations– Codec rodent control offers a wide range of services designed specifically for this problem! Mice can be pesky creatures; they carry dangerous diseases such as salmonella bacteria or hantavirus along with other pests like ticks fleas lice which all make their way into your home easily through walls wood floors furniture electric wires cracks in brick etc… prevention is key.

Fruit Flies

The truth is, these flies don’t come from the interior of decaying fruit and they’re not spontaneously “born” during fermentation. They can detect yeast produced by it even at great distances! Once identified as an intended target for food-seeking behavior (which comes naturally), this tiny insect has very little trouble getting into your home through minuscule cracks or crevices in screens that might be too thin to stop them – but you’ll have more success cleaning up after cleanup if we all work together now!

Pantry Pests

Householders in the Western world have a number of pantry pests to keep track off, including beetles and ants. These insects often gather around food stored within cabinets or pans – such as flour, dry cereals spice candies chocolate chips etc.. There are several types that can be found here: some kinds only like dark places where they’ll nest while others might enjoy eating anything at all!

Pest Prevention Tips

Keep your food safe by following these simple precautions. First, wipe up any spills immediately – you don’t want to risk infestation! Second- only purchase items that are sealed or display no signs of damage Thirdly add a bay leaf into canisters/packages of dry goods like flour and rice; its pungent scent repels many pantry pests
It is important for survival so make sure it’s not just something nice but necessary. Before using any baking products, make sure they are fresh! Check expiration dates and never use those that have passed their prime. If you keep fruits on the countertop or table where it’s exposed to insects such as flies from layering eggs onto fermenting food package surfaces then dispose of these items outdoors into trash cans for safekeeping until ready-to eat status becomes available again so there isn’t an opportunity. To avoid losing your pet, install door sweeps on exterior doors and repair damaged screens. Eliminate all moisture sites including leaking pipes or clogged drains to make sure they don’t become toilets for harmful bacteria! Seal cracks in the foundation so Incarnation cannot reach them; it’s important you know where these divine places are located before installing anything else elsewhere around Your Home! Harmful insects can cause serious damage to your home. You should never attempt treatment yourself, and you might even be risking the safety of others if an inspector isn’t present! Pests like termites often go unnoticed for months or years before they’re discovered – that’s why it’s important not only to identify pests but also hire a professional to handle the elimination of pests. Spire Pest of Richmond Va can handle all of your pest problems give us a call today (804)396-2704.