Hornet/Wasp Extermination

Everyone loves to barbecue in the summer, but it’s even better when you don’t find one of these little guys lurking around your food (unfortunately, that is rarely the case for many people). Once you are aware of these guys in you space be cautious as they can sting multiple times So you’re wondering how can I exterminate wasps? The answer is very simple; contact Spire Pest of Richmond at (804)396-2704.

Hornets have an extremely strong and dangerous sting. They are also known for being especially aggressive during the mating season from March through June. Hornet pest control technicians will inspect areas that hornets frequently invade such as garages, attics, sheds and porches. Using a variety of methods including dusts, aerosols and liquid treatments, Hornet will no longer want to bother you.

Exterminating wasps often involves trapping the queen in a separate area before killing the rest of the colony with aerosol sprays. Wasp nests are often found hanging from trees or high building eaves and ceilings, but they may also invade wall voids inside homes or other structures such as attics and sheds.

If you have been living in fear that a hornet’s nest is just waiting to give you a stinging welcome, call Spire Pest right away at (804)396-2704! Our technicians will work hard to get rid of your Hornet/Wasp Extermination problem.

A Hornet’s nest can grow to be around the size of a basketball and contain up to 4,000 hornets! Not only are Hornet/Wasp venomous but also extremely protective of their young – never forget this before approaching a nest.

I hope that you have gained some knowledge and will contact Spire Pest in Richmond right away at (804)396-2704 if you find yourself with a Hornet/Wasp issue before getting attacked by these little guys who show no mercy.