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Effective and complete Bee control

Bees are important to the ecosystem because they provide pollen to plants, which plants need to grow. However, when a group of bees decides to builds a hive near your home, they can become a danger to people, especially if the hive is disturbed.

Bees are known for being voracious defenders of their hives. They are less aggressive than hornets or wasps, but they will attack a potential threat. A bee nest in a yard can be problematic especially in residences where small children are present. For those who have allergies to bee stings, living in close proximity to bees can be dangerous and even life-threatening.

Spire pest control specialists are experts in bee control solutions that are safe for your family and safe for the environment.

Wasp And Hornet Control Why our services work

Spire Pest Control specialists are trained in using all of the right equipment and methods to remove bee nests from around your home. Doing so takes special training because certain bees, such as honey bees, are protected and vital to the environment. That’s why Spire Pest Control will only remove a bee’s nest if there is a viable threat to people in the home. The method of removing bee nests can vary depending on the size of the nest, where it’s located and what types of bees are present. This is why a site inspection and initial consultation is so important

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Why Spire Pest Control is the best solution for your Hornet & Wasp infestation

Bees are amazing for our environment; they pollinate plants and help our ecosystem flourish. However, bees can become dangerous especially to those with deadly bee allergies. Bees can hurt not only humans, but animals too. If someone is allergic to bee stings, a sting from a bee can result in anaphylactic shock and even death. This is why it is important to identify and spot potentially harmful bees on your property. When left untreated, bee hives can get large enough to enter your property and become a hazard to everyone in and around the area. Bee removal is a hassle and dangerous to do by yourself, so let us do it for you! Please contact your Spire Pest Control bee specialist today for information on bee removal and ask about our inspection offer.