Flea & Tick Treatments

Effective and complete Flea & Tick control

Fleas & Ticks are common problems in homes, especially those with pets. You may discover a problem with fleas Or Ticks even if you do not have pets, if the previous owners of your property kept cats or dogs.  

Fleas & Ticks may also be carried on other, especially hairy, animals like rabbits, foxes, rats, mice and livestock such as pigs.

As parasites, the greatest concern about the presence of fleas in your home or business comes from their bites. Although these are not painful, they can result in an uncomfortable itch or rash. Your pets could also develop allergies to flea saliva. Ticks can also pass on lime disease to there host.

Flea Control Why our services work

Although fleas do not have wings, they have incredibly powerful elongated legs. These allow them to jump long distances and move easily between you and your pets, leaving behind itchy bites.

Successful flea control requires treatment of both your property and your pets, if you have them.

At Spire Pest Control, we offer safe, effective treatments for your home or business to ensure complete control of your infestation.

Our expert, local exterminators understand the habits of flea species ensuring targeted treatments to get rid of all your fleas.

50+ Years Experience. Eco-Friendly. Pet and Kid Friendly. Results Guaranteed. Spire Pest Control.

Why Spire Pest Control is the best solution for your Tick infestation

Nice weather feels great and encourages you to get outside, but relaxing in your yard or taking a hike could also bring you into contact with ticks. Although ticks are small, they have the potential to transmit diseases and therefore should be taken very seriously. It is important to know what ticks look like and what signs appear when a tick transmits a disease.

Have you spotted ticks at your premises? Spire Pest Control can help you eliminate them. We are experts in tick treatment and will make sure they are removed.

How can Spire pest Control help you prevent tick bites? Spire Pest Control offers a season-long tick control service that creates a repellent barrier against ticks. A Spire Pest Control technician will perform a barrier treatment focusing on areas where ticks are commonly found when not feeding on hosts, including:

  • perimeter vegetation
  • overgrown grassy areas
  • frequently traveled footpaths
  • parts of yard that border forest

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