As cool weather arrives Ladybugs Swarm

The chill of autumn has sent many pests – including mice and spiders- indoors to seek shelter from the cold. But, there is one less intimidating but equally bothersome invader: ladybugs! Also known as Asian beetles or swarms them insects have been reported in homes across America’s Midwest region into Northeastern states like New York […]

Ants 101

Well, it looks like we’re not alone in this world. Ants have been deemed the #1 nuisance pest by NPMA and countless other surveys- ants are everywhere! It turns out these little guys can be pretty pesky too; they ranked higher than any other type of creature on popular vote for most people’s least favorite […]

Common Spider Myths

It’s hard not to freaked out by spiders. The sight of one scaling a wall or lurking in your web-spangled corner can give people the heebie jeebies— but why? Over time, myths and misconceptions about these common pests have evolved throughout many cultures resulting in all sorts of terrified reactions from those who see them […]

Cockroaches 101

The cockroach is more than just an pesky pest. This creature can pose serious health risks to humans if it finds its way indoors and picks up germs on the spines of their legs while moving through decay-based material, which may then be transferred to food we eat with contaminated hands or plates without us […]

Termites 101

Termites can be a silent but serious threat to your home. These little creatures chew away at wood and other materials, costing $5 billion each year in property damage! The ground is warming up across the country, and that means termites are emerging from their winter hibernation. They send out swarmers to search for new […]

Keeping your Kitchen Pest Free

Kitchens have always been a place of gathering. This is where we cook and eat our food – but not if pesky pests get their grubby paws on it! Rodents like cockroaches or fruit flies may crawl in through doors BEHIND YOU, giving you no warning before they start making meals out of your favorite […]

Tips to Prevent Mice Inside the Home

Mice and other small animals can be found in almost any home, even if you think that there is no way they could get inside your house. These pesky creatures are clever enough to find their way into places as tight-knit of an environment like our homes by using cracks or openings too tiny for […]

8 Facts About Mice

House mice are everywhere! This little pest has been known to cause infestations in homes across America. They’re so common, you may think that there is nothing new left unknown about them – but don’t breathe easy just yet because we have some interesting news for all animal lovers out here: In addition to being […]

Home Buyer Beware

What prospective buyers may not consider when touring a new home is the potential for serious issues such as termites and other wood-destroying insects that can silently consume their homes. These pests have been known to cause major property damage, so it’s important to know what you’re looking out for during your stroll through neighborhoods […]

Protect Your Pets From Pests

Ticks, fleas and mosquitoes are pesky pests that can ruin a warm-weather day for both people and their pets. Fortunately there is something you could do to protect them from these insects – applying sunscreen daily will help keep skin protected against harmful UV rays which cause cancerous cells to form on our bodies as […]