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Rat & Mice Infestation

Mice have been around for a long time, with fossil evidence dating them back to the Pliocene. During this time, they were a crucial part of the ecosystem and were an important food source for early humans. Mice can be found in almost every habitat on earth, from forests and mountains to deserts and grasslands. […]

Flea & Tick Extermination

Unfortunately Flea and Tick are an issue within the United States, which means that your favorite pets are at risk of getting these pesky parasites. Fleas can lead to Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD) which is a skin condition where itchy red bumps appear all over your pets body (learn more about Flea Allergy Dermatitis here). […]

Hornet/Wasp Extermination

Everyone loves to barbecue in the summer, but it’s even better when you don’t find one of these little guys lurking around your food (unfortunately, that is rarely the case for many people). Once you are aware of these guys in you space be cautious as they can sting multiple times So you’re wondering how […]

Termite Control & Treatment

So you might be asking yourself: “What is Termite Control and Treatment?” Termite Control and Termite Treatment are steps and procedures used to eliminate termites within your home. Without addressing your termite problem you could face major structure and infestation problems further down the road. Termiticide is a chemical termiticide used for controlling termites. Some […]

Cockroach Extermination

In the scientific community cockroaches are known as pestilent little cocky-wockies. These pests can be a nuisance to a household because of their affinity for all things gross and disgusting, including stinky feet and bad breath and also carry diseases. The cockroach is a member of the Blattodea order of insects that includes some 500 […]

Ant Extermination

Ants are one of the more common pests found in homes. Ants leave chemicals on objects they walk over as a method to communicate with each other. Ant colonies consist of queens, drones and workers and ants travel randomly looking for food and water. Ants eat sweet foods like sugary drinks or candy but can […]

Mosquito Prevention

Do you want to enjoy sitting in your own yard without swatting at mosquitoes? Mosquito Yard Treatment doesn’t have to be expensive Spire Pest is here to help.So what can you do? Mosquito Yard Treatment is simple. Mosquitoes breed in water, so if you eliminate standing water sources, you’ll get rid of mosquitoes too. Mosquitoes […]

Spider Pest Control

Spider pest control can be very tricky. There are many different types of spiders that some people may want to remove from their homes, but often people are not sure how to get rid of spiders or which method is best for that particular spider. A lot of the information out there about Spider pest […]

Rodent Infestation

Rodent InfestationRodent Pest Control Richmond VA

Rodents are not just unwelcome creatures in the home, but also potentially harmful. Rodent droppings can carry many different kinds of bacteria and parasites that can cause serious illness when ingested. Rodents themselves may carry pathogens on their fur or in their saliva which can be spread to humans when they come in contact with […]