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Tips | How to Deal with Pesky Raccoons this Year?

Tips | How to Deal with Pesky Raccoons this Year?

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Posted May 24, 2024

How to Protect Your Garden from Irritating Raccoons?

Raccoons weigh 25-30 pounds and can easily gain entry into your home if they are motivated. They can pass through roof soffit intersections, vents, broken roof edges, and chimneys. Once inside, large animals can readily trample and compress the insulation. They also shift it to form nests. Raccoons also destroy electrical and ventilation systems, which can result in water damage and even fire. Before raccoon pest removal, it is critical to understand how these wild creatures came to be.

 One of the most popular misunderstandings about raccoon removal is that they are an invasive species introduced by a pest control company years ago. This is not accurate at all. Raccoons are among North America's most clever pest animals. While raccoons are not as well-known as squirrels or opossums, they can nonetheless be a significant pest problem in regions where things are not managed properly. Pest control firms cannot afford to tamper with raccoons.

Raccoons can become pests in our homes in a variety of ways, but the majority of them enter through entrance points along the roof line or vents in attics. Spire Pest specialists often look for access spots into homes where the residents are unaware of rodents.

Raccoon pest management entails trapping, which is quite simple if the specialist does it right. 

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