Ants 101

Well, it looks like we’re not alone in this world. Ants have been deemed the #1 nuisance pest by NPMA and countless other surveys- ants are everywhere! It turns out these little guys can be pretty pesky too; they ranked higher than any other type of creature on popular vote for most people’s least favorite house guest (with rabbits coming in at number 2).

The problem with ants can quickly become dire for homeowners, as their populations explosions and disappearances leave behind a trail of destruction. From food contamination to costly property damage – these pests pose many risks not just in your home but also outside on property where they live from picnic areas down paths near water sources or around kitchen.

So you want to prevent an ant infestation? Keep your home dry and clean by making sure there’s no standing water around. Get rid of anything that could be a potential camping ground for these little guys, like dirty leaves in flower beds or overgrown trees on sidewalks!

Types of Ants

Argentine Ants

The Argentine ant is a small, dark brown insect that lives in homes across America. These ants come from South America and can be found mostly anywhere there’s wet soil or plumbing near their food source (usually). Unlike other household pests like roaches they don’t pose any threat to humans because of how gentle they typically behave; however if you crush one up then it might give off an unpleasant odor due to excrement secreted along its backside which smells musty-like water moss!

Carpenter Ants

When you see these little guys, your first thought might be that they’re a type of ladybug. They kind of look like one too! But while the red body and black antennas are similar among carpenter ants (and also true for many other insects), there is no relation to Bugs vs Neti bugs – which can sometimes show up near ant trails because their bodies produce toxic waste as part-processed food goes through digestion. Carpenter ants love building their own little worlds. They tunnel through wood and create nests inside your house, which can cause serious damage to the structure of things like doors or windows if not dealt with quickly enough!

Crazy Ants

When you think of ants, what comes to mind? For some people this could be an industrious worker or the big guy on campus: aggression. But there’s another type which is more apt to make one feel like they just got ran over by their own car – crazy ants! These insects have been known as “ants with ADHD” because whenever food smells come into range (even though sometimes it may take awhile), every single individual immediately stops whatever task at hand was already in progress and starts running around aimlessly trying desperately figure out where those tasty treats are located; all without ever actually getting anywhere close enough. Crazy ants are pesky little creatures that tend to enter homes in the autumn or after rainfall because both conditions reduce their food source. Crazy Ants usually nest underneath floors and carpeting, but it’s not uncommon for them to also be found out on top of soil where objects meet foundations as well! The only real concern about this pest is if they gain access into your building – then things can get ugly really quickly with these guys spreading rapidly through kitchens without even needing nourishment themselves .

Odorous House Ants

Odorous house ants are dark brown to black in color and range from 1/16-1/8 inch. They make their homes by living for several years inside exposed soil or wall cracks, as well under floors of homes where they feed on any food particles that land there due an influx of people moving around them constantly while trying not disturb the colony too much with outside influences such
as wind gusts coming through open windows which would cause flight response behaviors because these little guys don’t like being moved around too much! These ants do not pose a public health risk or cause structural damage to buildings, but they can contaminate food and should be avoided. In addition these “odorous” insects give off an unpleasant smelling scent when crushed which makes them known as such from time-to-time!

Pavement Ants

The dark brown to black ants are about 1/8 inch long and make their nests in or under cracks on pavement. They can infest structures by entering through holes that allow for expansion into new areas, which is why this species has been known as “paveway”ant because it likes living there so much! However, these black pavement ants do not pose a public health risk but can contaminate food. One way to avoid them is by avoiding all foods that have been near their nest because the little guy definitely does not clean up after himself!

Red Imported Fire Ants

Fire ants are one of the most troublesome insects in America. They’re dark reddish brown and range from 1/8-3/4 inch long, with regions like this species that can be found anywhere from Maryland all the way south to Texas or California depending on where you live! The fire ant’s habitat also varies; some maintain their typical outdoor nest mounds while others prefer indoor places like homes – either way they’ll get into any structure if there is enough room available inside for them (which usually isn’t too much).  When the red imported fire ant’s nest is disturbed, they attack with a painful sting that often results in raised welts and white pustules. If you’re allergic to insect stings then this might not be good for your health!

Yes, ants can be a major pest problem for homeowners. Though small infestations may seem like nothing at first glance – especially if you live in an area with large populations of these pesky insects- the truth is that many people will never know their ant academia until it’s too late! If there are any doubts about whether or not your home has an issue on its hands (and don’t wait!) then contact Spire Pest of Richmond right away so they could assist with proper identification and treatment options. Give us a call at (804)396-2704.