Ant Extermination

Ants are one of the more common pests found in homes. Ants leave chemicals on objects they walk over as a method to communicate with each other. Ant colonies consist of queens, drones and workers and ants travel randomly looking for food and water. Ants eat sweet foods like sugary drinks or candy but can also feed on meat, nuts and plants. Ants will invade your home if they discover you have sugary drinks or other food items around. Ants also enter homes for shelter in the winter months. Ant infestations should be treated by a professional exterminator that offers ant extermination services like Spire Pest of Richmond VA.

Ants are incredible creatures to watch but once ants invade your home they can become a nuisance. Ants nests consist of anywhere from 500 to 100,000 ants and once established should be removed by an professional or pest control company such as Spire Pest Control of Richmond VA.

Ants will eat almost anything and can be found crawling up your walls eating dirt, or scurrying along the floor eating who knows what! Ants are most active at night which is why you often see them in greater numbers late at night. Ants have a bad habit of entering your home through small cracks in the exterior foundation wall. Ants can also climb walls and enter through windows or doors. Ants are also known to eat the wood in your home causing structural damage. Ant infestation should be treated by an Ant professional to prevent further damage. Ant infestations can be prevented by removing any potential food sources like garbage, dead animals or fallen fruit from around your property. Ants can be a big problem when they get somewhere you don’t want them to go.

Ant infestation can be a big problem and should be removed immediately to prevent Ants from coming back and causing more Ant damage in your home. Ants also spread diseases among other pests, which is why finding an Ant Exterminator quickly is crucial. Spire Pest Control of Richmond VA specializes in Ant removal and Ant extermination services. Ants are one of the most common pests found in homes and can be difficult to get rid of because they return quickly if Ant bait is not used correctly. Ant infestations should be treated by Ant control experts who know how to handle bait and chemicals correctly as these chemicals can be harmful to pets and people.

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