A Battle Against Beetles

I bet you thought the Japanese beetles were only a nuisance? Well, turns out they’re not. These insects can pose significant threats to health and property this summer! The powder post beetle females eat plant roots while males may lay eggs on surfaces like walls or windowsills – if your house has any sort of garden area then these pests could become an issue for all residents to deal with
merchant grain be giant feed primarily off seeds but also include other foods such as birdseed.

Beetles are not commonly considered a threat to one’s health or home. But, beetles like the powderpost and merchant grain can cause damage inside homes-and if they get into your food you’ll have an even worse day! To keep these pesky insects outside of our houses we should take proactive steps now so that when summertime comes around again this year there isn’t any problem with indoor pests popping up at all hours throughout dinner time. I am glad NPMA told me about how easy it will be for homeowners avoid having unwanted guests enter their property by taking care off small details first before anything else ever becomes relevant.”

What’s that? You can’t see them but they’re there, working away at your home. silent and sneaky like a spy who needs to be careful about getting caught! No one knows how many powderpost beetles exist because their destructive behavior is so rare – only second behind termites when it comes down destroying wood in homes all over America (and beyond)! The little guys might have been named for the white dust left behind by larvae as these tunnel through surfaces…but don’t worry; we’ll let you find out what else happened sooner rather than later.

Merchant grain beetles are brown, flat and can fly. These pests like fat-based products to live in such as chocolate cake mixes or cereal; they will also infest dried pet food if it’s not protected with an airtight sealer ring around its openings (which most likely won’t be present). You may find them living underneath stored foods at your house–their favorite place!

Infestation Prevention

Inspect your new products as soon after purchasing them, and keep an eye out for any signs of tampering or infestation. Seal all susceptible items in plastic buckets when not being used so that you can quickly identify if one has been compromised before it causes major problems with storage temperature-wise (a fridge is best). If there are beetle larvae present do not use those particular pieces; instead find something else entirely made from wood such as cabinets which will still give off ample amounts of shelf life even though they’re less safe than other options available.

There is always a battle with pests. Here at Spire Pest of Richmond it is our duty to get rid of your pest both inside and outside of your home. We know that many pest can be dangerous as well as a nuisance. Give us a call to get started and start living pest free (804)396-2704.