Whether you’re single and searching or in a relationship, pest control is an essential component to happiness at home. Most deal breakers are obvious – like poor hygiene and lack motivation–but some may come as surprise (or not), much like encountering any type of mouse when cooking food! In fact one survey found that 25% more women would stop dating someone whose house had pests such as silver fish/ Cockroaches & Spiders than ones without these pesky creatures inside them; which makes sense because who wants their partner’s dirty laundry scouring up all over again?

Some people might think that pests are just an issue for hobbyists or those with less fortunate lifestyles, but the truth is anyone can be infested. Whether you’re single and searching or in a relationship looking to keep it clean & wholesome at home; pest control is essential!

The number one reason why people in relationships break up? Pests! It’ll make your stomach turn if you think about it for too long, but thankfully we have some tips to help with the problem.
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The holidays are a great time to enjoy family and friends. But it’s also the perfect opportunity for pests like spiders, ants or silverfish who love your food! To keep these unwanted guests out:
1) Cover all openings around windows and doorframes with sealant; make sure there aren’t any cracks anywhere on surface of building (except where needed).

2) Toss old flowers/wreaths from previous years – they attract bugs just as much at night when you don’t want them inside.

3) Call Spire Pest Control to handle all of your pest control problems.